2 trumpets, 2 trombones, 2 violins, viola, vibraphone; 6.5 minutes

In A Discussion, each instrument is independent, playing in its own scalar composition or "key," in its own time. While each of these keys are different, some tones are common to all of them. Through these common tones the instruments slowly begin to agree on a common tonality. This moment is marked by a chorale-like progression in the brass. After this point the keys go in and out of phase until the end, when a return of the chorale motive marks the return of a common tonal center for all of the instruments.

Premiered March 17, 1997 at the U.B.C. Recital Hall, Vancouver, B.C.

Glen Bolger, T-Jay MacKenzie, trumpets
Nicole Lewis, Kenneth Pearce, trombones
James Malmberg, Dave Paul, violins
Robert Ashworth, viola
Dominique Brunchmann, vibraphone

Conducted by David Byrne

Recorded excerpts