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Music Related Links

Hear and Now
A comprehensive listing of New Music concerts in the Greater Toronto Area
Finale Productivity Tips For those of us who use Coda's notation software, this is a great site with news, tip, and useful downloads.
Music Notation and Engraving The Big Site of Music Notation and Engraving. Ever wondered if you're notating something correctly? This site has all sorts of information on Music Engraving, Music Printing, Early Notation, Traditional Notation, Modern Notation, Computer Notation, Software Resources, and Music Fonts.
Online music Scores A fantastic resource if your looking for music to study and learn.
CBC radio programs You should all be listening!
The Lied and Song Texts Page Contains the texts and translations for thousands of songs from the art-song literature.
Composer Opportunities The CMC has a board for posting competitions and opportunities.
The webpage of a band my brother, Curtis, plays in.
Curtis's other band
Baritone Tyler Duncan
Does his website look familiar? Yes, I designed it. He's a good friend.

Computer Related Links

Snap Files
A decent site for Free Software. There's lots of everything from jems to useless wastes of digital space.
No Nags
as above
My Software page
My own compilation of the best free software applications
Black Viper Super-tweaks
A good resource for understanding the workings of Windows and how to tweak its performance
Silent PC Review
A hardware review site geared towards QUIET computer parts. Very good information. Finally, people who understand that I don't like listening to all that power!
The Hosts file
Very Cool. Block internet ads and tracking cookies before you even request them.
Obfuscate Mailto
Very, very cool. This site will generate code that will create clickable mailto email links in webpages, yet they will be un-harvestable by spam bots.
nlite The homepage for a software application which will help you create an updated Windows XP installation CD. What makes it interesting, is you can choose to disable core windows components so that they are not installed (like IE), and specify many settings. It can also integrate Service Packs, hotfixes, and drivers.
RyanVM's Windows XP update pack A source to download all recently released MS hotfixes in a single file. Can be integrated using nlite above.